Our office in Ribeirão Preto is celebrating 10 years serving generators and consumer units in the countryside of the state of São Paulo. Last Friday, September 27, we invited our clients to join us for a special event.

Comerc greeted its guests at the Mont Blanc Hotel for a morning get-together filled with interesting content.

Cristopher Vlavianos opened the program with a talk on the “Current Scenario and Future Outlook for the Electric Sector”. Vlavianos thanked clients for helping Comerc Ribeirão Preto reach this important milestone, and reaffirmed our commitment to remain client-oriented company.

The morning featured other talks on relevant subjects. XP Investment Chief Economist Zeina Latif spoke about the economic scenario and future trends in her talk “What to expect in Brazil”. Former Elektro CEO and current Thutor consultant Márcio Fernandes explained why “Happiness Equals Profit”, showing the importance of caring for different generations of employees and their need to find purpose in their jobs.

Bruno Santos, also known as Bruno Capão, was interviewed by our Marketing and Communications Director Larissa Araium. He shared his story and told the audience how his experiences in life led him to create the social project called “Nave Capão”, the Center for Fostering Youths and Valuing Education.

10 years in Ribeirão Preto

Comerc opened the Ribeirão Preto office in 2009 to serve initially 3 consumer units and 11 generators operating in in the Brazilian Free Market.

Ten years later, our local office boasts 199 consumer units and 129 generators. The office was expanded and renovated, but our client focus and corporate culture remain the same. Who could tell our story better than our clients? Check out our anniversary video here:


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