Be free

Optimize your energy costs and save money.
Why just passively submit to distributor rates if you can negotiate prices, terms and indexing for the energy you use?
Why be forced to purchase from a single supplier, if you can select who to source your energy from?
Be a free energy consumer and ensure increased performance and profitability for your business.

Who is eligible to be a free consumer?

Companies with contracted demand of 500 kW or more.

Companies with contracted demand of 500 kW or more at each site or the sum of sites operating under the same taxpayer # (CNPJ) can purchase energy generated from renewable sources, such as small hydro plants (PCH), biomass burning thermal plants, wind farms and the like.

Companies with contracted demand of 2.000 kW or more.

Companies with contracted demand of 2.000 kW or more can purchase energy from any source, including large hydro plants and the more modern thermal plants and wind farms.

How it works

  • The Free Energy Market in Brazil emerged to encourage competition and reduce the cost of electricity. Free consumers can create their own strategy, and are able to freely negotiate the commercial terms under which they contract electricity. They are free to choose by price, term and index. They are also flexible regarding how much energy they consume. Free consumers may choose their energy supplier, either a Generator or Trader, such as Comerc Trading.
  • In the captive market, consumers may only purchase electricity from a utility or a company with a distribution concession. Captive consumers cannot negotiate prices, and are subject to the supply rates set by ANEEL. They purchase energy from distributors who in turn buy at auction, and must pass along these costs to their consumers.


Energy prices in Brazil depend on a number of factors. Considering the Brazilian energy matrix is heavily dependent on hydroelectric power plants, precipitation on reservoirs is arguably the most important variable, and this price volatility can impact consumers considerably.

That is why the unregulated energy market can be so attractive. With long-term contracts, supply is assured, and power bills are predictable.

Yet migrating from the regulated market to the Brazilian free energy market is a complex, time-demanding process. There are contractual details to define and bureaucratic tasks involving different regulatory agencies, so the sooner you start, the better.


Lower costs

Lower costs

This is one of the main benefits for clients that migrate from the Captive to the Free Energy Market. Companies are able to negotiate prices, terms and indexing, in a way that is a better fit with their actual need for electric power.

Budget Predictability

Budget Predictability

By negotiating their energy needs ahead of time in the Free Market, companies are able to make more accurate budgeting forecasts and are not subject to the variability and adversities of the Captive Market.

Decision Making Power

Decision Making Power

Captive consumers cannot choose who they source their energy from. They are subject to rates and increases. This is why the Free Market ensures enhanced performance and profitability for your business.



By migrating to the Free Market, consumers can purchase energy from renewable sources, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Comerc clients who use energy from renewable sources receive the Comerc-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate, attesting to the fact that they have reduced their GHG emissions by using incentivized sources.


Free Energy Market in Brazil

The free market was created by law 9,074, signed in 1995, when Fernando Henrique Cardoso was President. The government's goal in creating this market was to encourage competition and make Brazilian companies more competitive by reducing the cost of electricity. Currently over 1,800 companies reap the benefits of the free energy market.

In the Free Market consumers can choose any supplier from the National Interconnected System, looking for the best price offered by generators or traders.

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