How did Comerc become the industry leader and capture over 1.100 Free Energy customers? By doing things differently, by doing things better. Each and every day. by anticipating trends, innovating and growing.

  • Over 400 experts.

    The Free Energy Market is not simple. On the contrary. It is a complex market that requires specific knowledge and a diversity of talents. This is why Comerc put together a team of over 400 experts, so that our clients can focus entirely on their own business.

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  • Over 1.100 clients

    Our client portfolio says it all. It includes over 1.100 Brazilian and multinational companies. These are among the largest and best in their industries. A true stamp of quality and trust.

  • Investments in innovation

    Comerc was a pioneer when it created the Comerc-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate. It also pioneered Powerview, a revolutionary online tool that offers our clients access to information for managing their free market energy. We also issue a PLD (spot price) newsletter to help our clients make decisions.

    We continuously invest in energy management software and business intelligence. We created an Innovation Committee that focuses on predictability, combining experts in statistics, modeling and energy. All of this has a single goal, to look for opportunities to change the reality of our clients.

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  • Comerc Gas

    Seeking to expand our activities in the energy industry, Comerc recently entered into a strategic partnership with Gas Energy, Brazil's largest gas consulting firm. This alliance brought together two companies and created Comerc Gas, which will manage natural gas use, offering options to reduce costs and support for contracting this major input.

COMERC in numbers

There is no arguing with numbers. As the market leader and pioneer, our numbers are impressive.


1,3 avarage GW of energy
commercialized monthly



Over 2.000 consumption
units under management


We represent an
approximately 3.500 MWavg.


Over 1.100 domestic and
multinational companies.



Over 130 energy generation
units under management


Belonging to 48 groups.


More than 4.200 mw installed

The COMERC Organization

  • ANEEL Autorizado
  • CCEE Agente
  • ABRACEEL Associado
  • ANACE Apoiador

Panorama Comerc

Panorama is the Comerc portal, offering not only information about quality, but knowledge on themes related to the power sector, with analyses, videos and articles. Panorama Comerc is a platform that tracks the important events in the energy industry minute by minute.

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