Comerc believes that trust is essential to manage a company's electric power. This is why it is committed to the results of its clients, partnering and sitting alongside them to design strategies to consume, buy and sell electricity. It handles all of the legal and regulatory issues free consumers or generators must deal with.

Do you want to make sure you are optimizing energy negotiations for your company? You can count on Comerc Trading. Over 550 clients trust the expertise of Comerc Trading to purchase energy for their companies. Each month it trades over 1.500 MWavg.

In 2012, Comerc partnered with Gas Energy, Brazil's largest gas consulting firm. by joining forces they are able to provide the services their free electric power and natural gas clients require. Comerc Gas is the result of this partnership, offering natural gas services and helping clients contract this input and reduce their costs.

Reduce the amount of energy you purchase from distributors and help preserve the environment at the same time! You do not have to migrate to the Free Market to work with COMERC Solar and use energy that is clean and renewable. All you need is a rooftop or an area suitable for installing the equipment you need.

Increase your energy efficiency and reduce your energy spending. COMERC ESCO runs careful analyses to help you reduce the amount of energy you use with abolutely no investment, while maintaining or even increasing productivity. You can save energy in your lighting, refrigeration, engines, water pumps, capacitor banks and other areas.

This is ideal for companies that have multiple units and want to reduce their energy in a simpler manner. COMERC Varejista goes thorugh all CCEE procedures on behalf of the consumer.

This COMERC business unit offers structure and management for micro and mini solar, biomass and hydro projects. This allows your company to help preserve the environment and receive credits to reduce its power bill. Generating units can be installed at your consuming facility or any other location within the distributor's concession area.

Comerc-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate

This is just one more example of Comer's pioneering and innovative efforts. In 2011 it joined forces with Sinerconsult and created the Comerc-Sinerconsult Renewable Energy Certificate.

This certifies the amount of greenhouse gases avoided by using renewable energy, either small hydro plants (PCH), thermal plants burning sugarcane bagasse, wind farms or solar energy plants. Calculations used to issue the certificate are approved by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.


Think of a complete, exclusive and innovative tool. A revolution in the free energy market. This is a tool clients can use to plan the future and understand the past, all this while sitting at a computer. That's Powerview, the result of years of study, investment in technology and Comerc experience.

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Interactive Charts and Tables
Clients can use dynamic and interactive user-friendly charts and. All of this can be customized to the needs and profile of your company. These two online platforms make sure you have the ability to project the future and understand the past.

Queries and Analyses
Powerview allows you to make queries, run analyses and build trend curves. It shows your consumption profile and contracted energy. It also allows you to build budget scenarios, helping future re-contracting.

And even better
You can accurately see how much your company would be paying if it were still part of the captive market, and your savings from being a free energy consumer.

Detailed Analyses

Information is everything. Especially when it is time to make decisions. This is why customers has dozens of tools to generate analyses, studies, reports and forecast to help clients made strategic decisions concerning their energy use.

Remote Metering

Short-Term Report

Impact of Rate Adjustments

PLD Newsletter

Management Reports

Weekly Overview

Market Price Reports

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COMERC Sector Index

The Comerc Sector Index is a proprietary monthly study that has become a reference in the Brazilian Free Energy Market. The index is based on energy consumed and data collected from energy consumers managed by Comerc across Brazil. Together, they represent about 20% of all the energy consumed by free market clients.

It was first published in December 2008, and ever since has been used throughout Brazil.


A leadership made up of people. Comerc has over 400 experts to serve its clients. They are experts in different areas with specific knowledge. All this to ensure the best performance and results for our clients' business.

Pricing and Rates

Legal and Regulatory
Consulting and Auditing

Financial Consulting and
Budget Forecasts


CCEE: Adhesion and


Board of Directors and
Innovation Committee


Are you an energy producer?

Comerc also supports independent energy generators. If you are an independent energy producer or a self-generator, Comerc can support you in this complex management task.

What we offer:

  • Support for the accounting, settlement and provision of financial guarantees within the CCEE

  • Continuous legal and regulatory advisory services

  • Structuring and completing sales to free market clients

  • Advice for implementing and operating new plants; CCEE, ANEEL, MME, ONS, EPE and distribution utilities

Panorama Comerc

Panorama is the Comerc portal, offering not only information about quality, but knowledge on themes related to the power sector, with analyses, videos and articles. Panorama Comerc is a platform that tracks the important events in the energy industry minute by minute.


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